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International Taxation compliance & consultancy

In global environment, tax for organization has become more complex issue with tax incentives, globalization and the upcoming tax code, rules and regulation. We advise corporate to cross the hurdles of international tax operations and reporting. One of the biggest challenges – and greatest areas of opportunity – for a multinational company today is effectively managing local and foreign taxes in a way that aligns with its overall business objectives and operations.

Cross Border Taxation

Assist and provides advice in effectively navigating the myriad of tax, accounting, legal and regulatory, issues in cross-border transitions to help manage compliance risks and potentially enhance returns. Advise on future tax implications in respect of potential acquisition.

1. Consulting on acquisition structures
2. Post-merger integration assistance
3. Support with contract negotiations
4. Advice and assistance in seeking advance rulings from the Authority for Advance Rulings in India on complex international tax issues relating to cross-border transactions

Expat taxation/ Inbound – Outbound Tax Advisory Services

1. Consulting services for employees on delegation/ secondment/ deputation
2. Consulting services for employees on delegation/ secondment/ deputation
3. Preparation of the Income Tax Returns for delegates and their family
4. Advising on compliance’s required to be done for expats

Transfer Pricing Services

1. Analysis and review of the concerned industry
2. Providing detailed analysis on comparable
3. Dealing with preparation of transfer pricing study
4. Ensuring compliance to the rules and regulation of the tax authorities’